Facebook Users Can Win Free Potato Chips For A Year

All you have to do is keep an eye out for when a special Death Valley temperature gauge that monitors the desert heat reaches 120 degrees. The first five Facebook users who notify Kettle Foods when it does will win free chips for a year. Just don’t tell your cardiologist.

 It’s all part of Kettle Foods’ debut of its newest potato chip flavor, Death Valley Chipotle. Crispy, fiery, smoky, and quite tongue-tingling, the chips also will help a good cause. Kettle Foods will donate $1 to the Death Valley Natural History Association for every Facebook user who downloads the special Death Valley temperature gauge. The non-profit association brings city kids to parks so they can experience the beauty of nature. Click here to find out more about the Facebook application.

The Death Valley Chipotle chips, in 5-ounce ($2.99) and 9-ounce ($3.29) bags, are available at Cost Plus Markets, and by clicking here.

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One Response to Facebook Users Can Win Free Potato Chips For A Year

  1. Trent Wong says:

    Very creative way to market a new product. The web is a wonderful thing!

    Thanks for letting us know the latest from the grocery shelves!

    Now if I could just convince my waistline that we can use a year’s worth of chips…

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